Summer is on its way! Obvious statement I know!!

We recently visited my husbands homeland of England, with a lovely interlude into Paris and Versailles, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

The trip was fabulous, filled with family weddings, 21 birthday parties, visiting and revisiting many historic sites, but one of our highlights was to climb Mount Snowden in Wales.

This is where Sir Edmund Hilary trained his team for the Everest climb, however we chose early autumn with beautiful mellow temperatures for our walk. We are not fit and after 5  1/2 hours of climbing and walking we stupidly got into our car drving 2 hours. When finally we found our accommodation for the night, I nearly fell out of the car, as my legs had decided that they were made of jelly rather than any form of muscle. It was a lesson – do a little exercise before you attempt things like this, however it was worth all the aches and pains. I would thoroughly recommend it!!!

Talking Caravans and Motorhomes- what we noticed, that compared to Australia, England lacked the innovative and creative Caravans & Motorhomes. The 4 wd roads are sadly lacking in the England, however, if you do go to Spain & Portugal there are unmade road there that will truly get you away from the tourist spots, experiencing the local flavour of these diverse cultures. Some of our great RV designs would allow an adventure of your own making.

Time is an issue for us and we look forward to when we can take off for our own adventure,– maybe Argentina, one of the largest cattle producing cattle in the world. Call into Rio for Carnaval!!! Looking forward to this.